Bone dance. Diary 30 Oct – 4 Nov 2015

30 October, dance with fire in wheel, feel my bones, feel my skeleton dance/move inside my flesh, watch in minds eye, feel boniness of body, holding clay, bright fire, bright energy

rachael mellors

Oct 31 Birth day, stand on seaweed beach as sun rises, rain drizzle, sun hidden by cloud, sing/voice to mountains, listen, turning of the year, make with clay on beach, bone like forms, give to sea, crashing waves take half the clay, immersion in the elements

walk along  beach, find bone eroded by sea, like forms I made at dawn, shell fragments washed and worn smooth by salt and water

dusk into night, darkness, talking to ancestors, bright fire sparks animate flames, I move in infinity, energy being, deep quietness in olive grove, owls calling, unseen animals rustle

2 Nov, two days of rain and storms, feel change from old to new

4 Nov, sun light bright, 24 degrees, meet man on Gargarou beach, collecting shells, he shows tiny long shells, found on beach fallen out of cliffs, revealed after storms

  • rachael mellors
    rachael mellors