Sea of unknowing. Diary 21 Sept 2015

Autumn equinox storm, torrential rain, hail and thunder, lightning bolt over head, feel on edge, feels cleansing storm, election, leaving behind old Greece, opening to the unknown

sudden end to my mornings working under the cliffs, too dangerous to gather clay now, sodden cliffs, heavy soil,  ending allows a new way of working to unfold.

walk beaches after storm, cuttlebones battered, some pecked by birds, some smoothed by sea

Sept 22  stirred sea, muddy, cliff fall, thrown off balance

spontaneity, when it cuts through the thinking and pre conceptions, it arises in me,  unity with sea, entering the sea of unknowing, touch the mystery

Sept 27  hard waves, making on beach under part of the cliff that feels solid

  • rachael mellors
    rachael mellors