Synchronicity, cliff carving. Diary 26 – 30 Aug 2015

  • rachael mellors
    rachael mellors
    rachael mellors
Aug 26  dawn, make clay tablets, press clay on flat stone on beach, tear clay, bamboo reed from tide line, incise shadow image, my self momentarily becomes part of cliff as sun rises, press into cliff, cracks, marks imprint, silt,salt, fragments of shell embed clay, hand prints back of tablet

body imprint on cliff akin to my skin imprint on forms, same unfolding processes, evolving from spontaneous fleeting moment, unconscious fusion of energies of the living Earth

man carves determinedly deep into cliff, fishing knife, letters ‘sts’, digs with forceful energy. Synchronicity, the day I begin to make tablets, incise into clay, a man incises his tag in cliff