Pit fire. Diary 15 -16 Nov 2015

rachael mellors15 Nov  Pit fire of clay works, burn fig, bay, fir and hollyoak branches after we prune, clear the land

many clay pieces from summer making in the sea, soft again, collapsed, some erupting with salt crystals

dug deep pit, 6 big olive oil cans inside hold clay pieces, ones stored last years olive oil, opened, 2 to create reducting atmosphere, the other oxidising more pieces around cans, thick tree trunks, fir branches protecting, on top wet grass and mallow. Ignite fire with olive oil from bottom old cans

burn branches constantly til dusk, dancing leaves, fire blazing, crusts and flames, clay transforming, still air, little smoke. Fire burns bright through night, ash molten glow, quiet flames, new moon resting

16 Nov  big pile of ash, cans revealed, keep burning during day, burn fig tree branches and heaps of dried grass to smother and keep heat inside, wood deep in pit burns red

  • rachael mellors
    rachael mellors